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The #1 Place to rent Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes, Mclaren an More! Exotic Car rentals is our specialty! Rolls Royce Ghost Rental If you want a car that combines a touch of class with raw performance, you might not think you have many options. The good news, though, is that you do. The Rolls Royce Ghost takes the performance of a sports car and adds it to the comfort and style of a luxury car. Getting behind the wheel of this vehicle will put a smile on your face. You will know you made the right call when you turn the key and listen to the engine hum. If you are still deciding what car you should try in , let’s explore the top reasons you should consider the Rolls Royce rental. Rolls Royce Rental Specifications With a 563-horsepower engine, this sedan reaches a top speed of 155 MPH. You can go from zero to 60 in under five seconds, and your heart rate will increase with the speed of this luxury vehicle. The Rolls Royce Ghost has room for you and up to four passengers, making it a smart choice when you want to show your friends a good time. Buying this car new would set you back $354,000, making it off limits to all but the wealthiest people. Luckily, you don’t have to be a millionaire to experience everything the Ghost has to offer. Getting Started You now have the chance to get behind the wheel of your dream car. No matter if you need to entertain a client or would like to go for a joy ride, a Rolls Royce Ghost Rental is the answer you have been looking for. Getting behind the wheel only sets you back $900 per day. Rolls Royce Dawn Rental Boasting the most powerful Rolls Royce engine ever, this dramatic and stylish coupe is the epitome of luxury cars. Not one detail is spared in the Rolls Royce Dawn. Open the reverse doors and you’ll expose its plush interior and beautiful wood trimmed details; a true work of art. The Rolls Royce Dawn seats four lucky passengers and spoils them with every luxury feature they could want. Range Rover rental If you want to tackle any terrain in style, a Range Rover HSE is the way to go. When you rent a Range Rover, you get the ultimate combination of performance and refinement. Of the many reasons to book a Range Rover HSE rental in , these are the most persuasive. Superior Off-Road Performance As you’d expect, the Range Rover HSE is a beast when it comes to traversing rough roads. Its electronic air suspension boasts multiple driving modes to address a variety of conditions. Thanks to Controlled Acceleration Control and four-wheel-drive, this model rarely loses traction. Plenty of Power on Command The Range Rover HSE comes with a 3.0-liter V6 engine that cranks out 380 hp. It can muscle through the toughest mud and tow 7,700 pounds without breaking a sweat. Thanks to an eight-speed automatic transmission, it achieves 28 mpg on the highway. A Spacious and Luxurious Interior Like most other Range Rovers, the HSE boasts a cabin that spoils drivers and passengers alike. Standard leather seats and wood-veneer trim make for a classy look in any light. What’s more, a healthy 32 cubic feet of storage space allows drivers to pack plenty of cargo. State-of-the-Art Safety Features Due to plenty of electronic wizardry, the Range Rover HSE is arguably the safest luxury SUV around. Forward-collision warnings and automatic emergency braking greatly reduce the odds of an accident. As an added bonus, Traffic Sign Recognition keeps drivers aware of their surroundings in urban environments. Excellent Infotainment Options A Range Rover HSE rental residents and visitors can count on comes with the InControl Touch Pro Duo system, which supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A Meridian sound system comprised of 13 speakers gives occupants an immersive sonic experience. When you rent a Range Rover, high-end electronics are a given. Porsche 911 Rental If you want to arrive in timeless, sexy style, check out our Porsche for rent. The legendary Porsche 911 is as distinctive as it is classic. As a matter of fact, very few cars are as instantly recognizable as the low-slung, German sports car that begs for a goggled driver sporting a scarf. Also, you can almost envision yourself whipping through the tight switchbacks and turns of the Mille Migilia. Tazio Nuvalari would be proud! The Nuts and Bolts You press the accelerator. You’re flung back in the seat as the car rips forward through the quarter mile in just about 11 flat. That’s not to mention the burn to 60 mph in less than four seconds. Also, the top end approaches 200 mph. You’re going to find yourself wishing for a nice, long straightaway. Classic Style But, if you’re not letting the dogs of war slip, you can still take your Porsche 911 rental from and do a stately cruise through town with the top down. That’s to say nothing of the debonair joie de vivre you will ooze from every pore after securing our Porsche for rent. The wind in your hair, not to mention your favorite tunes, will tantalize your senses and show that renting a Porsche was the right call for you. The Bottom Line Your Porsche 911 rental from is the quintessential sports car. Moreover, it’s equally at home sizzling down the open road or cornering through twisty country lanes. By and large, you won’t find a finer or funner automobile. So, enjoy the sunshine. Let the German horses run. Thrill your passenger with the ride of a lifetime. After all, you’re worth it. Don’t wait. Lamborghini Urus Why should you check out the Lamborghini Urus for rent? First of all, it’s among the most exhilarating SUVs to ever hit the streets. When driving the all-new Urus around South , expect to get a lot of attention. This SUV’s sleek and elegant design will cause everyone to stop and take notice. Many of its dynamic styling cues are derived from the legendary Lamborghini Countach. Stretched LED headlights help give the Urus an even more distinctive look. Accented by red brake calipers, the performance alloy wheels further enhance the Urus’ sporty stance. Exhilarating performance is another reason why the Lamborghini Urus for rent has the heart and soul of a genuine supercar. Under the hood sits a twin-turbo V8 engine, which pushes out more than 600 horsepower. An eight-gear automatic transmission promotes the maximum responsive. Meanwhile, Lamborghini’s sophisticated torque-vectoring AWD system ensures all of the available power is put to the pavement. Staggering performance numbers put the the Urus in an elite class of SUVs. Not only does the Urus clock a 0-60 time of 3.0 seconds, but it also boasts a top speed of 217 mph. Besides delivering unmatched driving excitement, the Urus also provides superior comfort. A race-inspired cockpit adds to the excitement of the Lamborghini Urus rental in . While the Urus is designed to capitate drivers, there’s no overlooking its luxurious Italian craftsmanship. Soft, natural leather seats enable you to experience pure comfort on the road. With more than enough space to accommodate for up to four adults, the Lamborghini Urus rental in is a vehicle you can enjoy with all of your friends. While behind the wheel of the Lamborghini Urus for rent, you’ll be surrounded by exciting features. A high-resolution infotainment system enables you to access all of your favorite smartphone apps. Also, a 21 speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system allows you to really crank up the volume. Mercedes Benz G550 4×4 Squared Is whizzing along the highway not really your thing? Are you ready to take on the “overgrown road?” If this is the case, then you can rent a Mercedes Benz G550 4×4 Squared. Sure, the G550 is no slouch on the open road. It can zip along to 60 mph in under six seconds. Fly through the quarter mile in a hair more than 15. That’s not this monster’s claim to fame, however. Mercedes Benz G550 Rental in When you rent a Mercedes Benz G550 4×4 Squared, you are preparing for the rugged conditions of back-country dirt roads and the area surrounding them. You sit almost absurdly high in this mighty SUV, and your headlights will even be above the heads of sports car drivers! In fact, your Mercedes Benz G550 rental sits six times higher off the ground than most supercars. In fact, you can stack two regulation NBA basketballs underneath this SUV. Dips, rocks, logs, and other off-road detritus don’t challenge this Mercedes. As a matter of fact, it tears through most terrain at a speed worthy of an open-road straightaway. What other Mercedes Benz rentals can achieve that? Best SUV for rent! Among Mercedes Benz rentals, along with other SUV rentals, the G550 tackles terrain better than anything else. In fact, you will have trouble finding places that challenge its unfettered power and bone-crunching torque. The shallow draws and rolling ground of the Everglades outskirts offer their challenge. If you’re a hearty soul, climb into your Mercedes Benz G550 Rental and “go to town,” so to speak. Just because you’re going to be “heading into the mud” doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice service. We will pick you up. If you prefer, we will bring the vehicle to you. We’ll even discreetly keep your family shandrydan under wraps while you go cruising in powerful style. Mercedes benz S450 rental From the shadows of the ancient trees of the Black Forest, the Mercedes AMG S450 is a wonder of German engineering. Every piece of this Mercedes Benz S450 rental is crafted with loving precision. And, you’re in luck. With us, Mercedes Benz S Class rental is a breeze. Also, this car is a veritable Jekyll and Hyde. It can cruise the city streets in opulent comfort. It’ll even chill a bottle of champagne in the back. Big-Time Power Truly unleashed, the monster bellows its roar on the open road. And, the snarling power plant throws the car’s more than 5,000 pounds down the highway with controlled abandon. As a matter of fact, the gears are smoother than well-whipped pudding. You don’t even need the paddle shifters to shift the nine-speed gearbox. Inside, the futuristic cockpit gets you ready for liftoff. Aside from the backseat cooler, you have oodles of options and gadgets. The seats even offer massage! They’re ventilated for those hot summer days too. We want you to enjoy your Mercedes Benz S Class rental. The car will even park itself. At speed, the driver assistance package helps keep you safe. That’s the kind of quality you expect from us. Stuttgart’s “favorite son” certainly measures up. Our Difference When it comes to service, we’re as world-class as your Mercedes Benz S450 rental . And, we’ll deliver the car or pick you up and drive you to it. We’ll collect it when you’re done. We’ll even keep “the family sedan” safe for you while you have the time of your life. We think of everything. All our cars even come gratis with SunPass. Driving your Mercedes Benz S Class rental certainly won’t “take a toll” on you! And, all this Mercedes Benz S450 rental fun can be yours for a reasonable price. So, call us today if you want to travel your own, personal Autobahn. In conclusion, your Mercedes Benz beckons. Lamborghini Aventador Roadster rental Lamborghinis have a way of drawing stares of amazement. The legendary supercar maker from Italy is always on the cutting edge of flashy style and design. However, these vehicles are just as fun to drive as they are to look at. This is especially true with the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster rental. It has been called the most extraordinary Lamborghini yet by none other than the company’s chairman. If you want to feel the thrill of taking a fully souped-up sports car on the roads of , rent a Lamborghini Aventador. The Excitement of a Lamborghini Aventador Rental Lamborghini has a reputation for putting an absurd amount of care and effort into its manufacturing. You’ll be able to feel and see the fruits of that labor the moment you step inside an Aventador Roadster. From the classic scissor doors to the ultra-comfortable interior, no luxury has been spared with this model. The Aventador Roadster boasts a V12 engine that can get from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds. Do you need 740 horsepower in a car? Well, it certainly helps if you like to feel a burst of adrenaline every time you accelerate. This two-seat beauty tops out at 217 mph. When you hit a sharp turn, you’ll understand what precise steering really means. An Aerodynamic Convertible If you’re yearning to soak in the local sun, a Lamborghini Aventador rental will be a dream come true. You’ll get to feel the warm wind in all its glory in this convertible sports car. The Aventador Roadster is the perfect vehicle for a ride by the beach or anywhere with a stunning view. Speaking of stunning views, the exterior of this car is awe-inspiring. Everything from the aerodynamic front end to the space shuttle-like exhaust terminals exude power. You’ll lack no confidence when you drive this bad boy.